Thursday, 14 October 2010

VP of Center for Intelligent Design in Glasgow is a consultant colorectal surgeon!

David Galloway is a consultant colorectal surgeon working at Gartnavel General Hospital and Western Infirmary, Glasgow. He is also vice-president of the new Centre for Intelligent Design in Glasgow. Yep - a surgeon holding office in an organisation that gets into all sorts of difficulties with evolutionary concepts such as development of bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

A member of the Lennox Evangelical Church, Dumbarton, his medical career has not been visibly hitherto encumbered by the cognitive dissonance involved in reconciling Eve's creation from Adam's rib (or Mary's virginity) with his scientific training. Indeed, he is current vice president of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. I would think that august institution is particularly proud of his new affiliation and its rather unsubtle attempt to get intelligent design teaching into schools north of the border (thankfully, down here the government has clarified its position on that sort of nonsense). However, the centre's leaders have rather given the game away by talking about their fundamentalist Christian beliefs rather than the supposedly scientific basis of ID. Oopsy.

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