Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Pro-life organisation invited to advise UK government on sexual health

The Guardian reports that Life, the pro-life group opposed to abortion under all circumstances and which advocates abstinance as the only contraceptive choice, has been invited to be a member of the new sexual health forum. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), which has provided pregnancy counselling services for over 40 years in the UK and was associated with the previous Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV, has not been invited.

Life provides documents such as "The morning-after pill: Uncovering the truth" by John R Ling. It contains practical and evidence-based advice such as:
"What if you have already experienced early sexual intercourse? What if you have already taken the MAP (morning after pill)? The good news is that there is forgiveness, if we confess our sins. Christ died on the Cross to bear the punishment you and I deserve for any and every sin. Yes, God’s love is an accepting love. It is also a transforming love. He then wants you and me to live and witness for Him. The best route for you is to determine to abstain from now on – to acquire what is often called secondary, or reclaimed, virginity. Ask for God’s help in these matters, and continue asking until you receive it".
The UK Government considers an organisation that distributes such material worthy of a position advising on sexual health and HIV policy.

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