Thursday, 18 August 2011

The British Medical Journal's Lobbywatch targets the Christian Medical Fellowship

The British Medical Journal has got the right take on the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) in its "Lobbywatch" column of 20th July 2011. It notes that the evangelical Christian GP Richard Scott, currently having problems with the GMC for proselytising during consultations, has stated in the CMF's magazine that, for him, “saving the soul was ultimately far more important than mending the body”, and that:
“Evangelism is a job for all Christians, at all times and in all places, and Christian GPs are in a unique position to reach the lost in their local area. Sharing the gospel with patients is not an abuse of trust because God himself gives us the authority and salvation is their greatest need.”
The  CMF continues its attempt to legitimise proselytising to vulnerable patients by importing the notorious US 'Saline Course' which aims to equip doctors with the skills needed for "drawing patients in a natural way one step closer to God".
From the website of the cryptically named International Health Services which runs the Saline Course. "International Health Services teaches Christian medical professionals how to share Christ's love at the time of need, patient by patient"
GPs who consider our spiritual needs a higher priority than our medical treatment may think their authority comes from God, but their medical licensing comes from a higher power: the General Medical Council. Let's hope it protects us from doctors who see their patients as vehicles for their wacky beliefs.

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